Model Portfolio: Holly


I always make it a point to get to work with Holly whenever she’s in Manila. It was APEC week when she got in town, so most of the work is disrupted. Took this chance to shoot her over several days that week. Never to shy away from camera, Holly is one of the most comfortable models to work with. Nary batting an eyelash on wardrobe and poses as long as she can physically do them.

For this shoot, we went all the way out to QC to Fat Cat Studios all because of the wooden slat floor and furniture. I was toying around with a one-harsh-light setup, something reminiscent to how British editorial shoots were done or plainly put, “the on-cam flash party look.” The challenge with this particular one-light setup is positioning. You’d need to adjust the light more often as she shifts poses, to get that same throw on her face. Personally, I always like preserving the light falling on the model’s face. More often than not, people would gravitate to the face more then the body follows afterwards, hence my emphasis.  I used styrofoam reflectors on certain shots to compensate for the stronger shadows whenever the light is placed far off to the side.

P.S. In this age of bad traffic traveling to QC was already quite a field trip. 

Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Paoie Minerales
  • Hair: Ara Fernando
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Holly Wolf

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