Model Portfolio: Mimai

As much as possible I shoot with natural light when there is a lot of it in a venue.  This house has been one of my favorite go-to places of late, and I always challenge myself in looking at the nooks and crannies with fresh eyes to differentiate it from the past shoots I’ve done here. Again, no strobes or anything large soft box looming somewhere. It was just careful observance where the natural light is hitting inside the house, and aligning your model in the best possible situation to catch it as a highlight, and use reflectors to get back some mid tones.  Of course this all has to work with your composition for the pose.

The challenge of natural light it all about its availability. To make the best of the situation, your gear must gather as much light as possible and that means working with a fast lens. Now the term fast here doesn’t connote speed of the AF, but rather the ability to use faster shutter speeds since these lenses have relatively large maximum apertures to achieve proper exposure. Another factor you can also consider is ISO to get more sensitivity, but the compromise is  grain. That ain’t exactly considered a negative depending on the effect you want though.

Shooting Gear

  • Canon 5D Mark 3
  • Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L II

Now the settings vary depending on the situation, but the anchor is the aperture. It’s constantly set at F2.8, and I adjusted on ISO and shutter speed as needed to get a proper exposure. When the image is back-lit, I would over expose by 2/3 stop to ensure proper exposure on the model. I don’t mind if the background is over exposed at this point.


Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Micah Osorio
  • Styling: Model’s Own
  • Model: Mimai Ong

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