Art Fair Philippines 2016

A tad bit late to post, but better than never right? Caught the last day of the Art Fair thanks to some friends reminding me to visit since it was just walking distance from the house. The exhibit halls are actually temporarily re-purposed parking levels in The Link. You pay an entrance of  P180, which is fine given the entire place was enclosed and air-conditioned. The sheer volume of people though strained the ACs, making it quite a warm experience when you walk near the popular pieces. There was also a booth setup by Jethro of the famed Van Gogh is Bipolar cafe along Maginhawa. His exhibit area had a separate line, which would’ve taken an hour to get in.  Most of the art ranged from the masters such as Arturo Luz, to visiting artists from other countries to the local up and coming. There was one section on Japanese artists which had heavy anime inspiration. The wifey and I were tempted to buy a piece if the price was right… too bad art is still out of our budget at this point. So we were just to gawk and take pictures.

I can’t help but notice that most of the pieces especially by the younger artists veered towards the absurd and surreal, as if everybody was channeling Dali and Picasso.  Save for the established masters of course, which had their own flavor into things. It was a visual treat nonetheless, which left me with some ideas to work on for future concepts and shoots. Always make it a point to visit exhibits, especially from media outside of one’s specialty. That’s one way to bringing in new inspiration into the medium you choose.

There’s nothing much to say at this point really… the art work would just leave you mesmerized. I can’t wait for next year… might be crazy enough to exhibit too.

More on their website.


The entrance to Van Gogh is Bipolar. Trust me, the line stretched until the main entrance for this floor.
The entrance to Van Gogh is Bipolar. Trust me, the line stretched until the main entrance for this floor.


I would've wanted to buy the one underneath...
I would’ve wanted to buy the one underneath…





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