Model Portfolio: Krizel

There is this strange charm with old gritty houses. This was sitting by Taal Lake, and obviously left to the elements despite having a resident caretaker. Their efforts were reduced  to sweeping off the leaves around the property as no funds were laid out for the house’s maintenance. Remnant furniture remained, which was workable for a few layouts.

This shoot was a challenge at first given the scarcity of options in the venue, but the opportunity presented itself in isolating small pockets of the place and making the best out of the light streaming in from the windows. Weather was shifting between overcast and rain, so that further set the limits of the shoot to indoors. Luckily, the overcast sun gave that soft light we easily bounced back with reflectors.

Shooting glamour is all about a romanticizing a model’s moment in front of the camera. You work with a grain of truth, and then build a sensual fantasy around that.  There is a suspension of disbelief at play through an exaggerated situation. Of course it’s not like you’d see a girl frolicking around an old house half-naked everyday. But somehow you have to build that premise with your images, and let the viewer relish that created reality for the duration they are looking at it.

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Back lighting when utilized right through reflectors can produce dreamy images. It automatically gives you highlights around the model’s outline.. and it’s just a matter of throwing enough light back to get a proper mid tone exposure. I intuitively over-expose by one (1) stop from whatever the meter is reading since back-lit images tend to confuse the camera’s internal light meter. Off-hand, if you get to use a 7D Mark 2, it’s metering system is smarter so the over expose becomes unnecessary.

Production Credits

  • Make-up: Jet Babas
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Krizel Valencia
  • Special Thanks: Alex Ruelo / Sunil Karamchamdani

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