Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is probably one of my all-time favorite anime. During holidays or whenever I travel on long-haul flights, I always have a copy of the movies or TV series to watch in my tablet. I never get tired of how it surrealistically blends sci-fi, philosophy and action into a mesh that’s both entertaining and enlightening. Some of these thoughts have become background in my discourse on cosplay photography and to some extent, Geekology 2.0. As much as I have lots of things to write and philosophize about it, some get to articulate these ideas well, and ahead of me. One of such is this quick video explaining the opening sequence of the original movie. It points out what we subconsciously take for granted in an opening sequence, not minding how it establishes our frame of mind for the rest movie. Just watch and you’d know what I mean.

Not so fond of the narration, but interesting facts to know about the original movie.

As for the live action Hollywood version, I would keep my opinions to myself until I see the entire cast of Section 9.

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