Model Portfolio: Rebecca

Another session with Rebecca during her visit in Manila. We took to the studio and did some naturally lit shots from the surrounding corridors.

I’m usually back to basics when it comes to these kinds of shoots. I’m not really a fan of complicated lighting formations unless it’s really part of the concept or if it’s a cosplay shoot. These sessions are all about maximizing the time with the model. ┬áThese are either lit by one strobe or we use natural light.

To get a solid black background like the one in the implied nude set, I had to place Becca far from the background to make sure the throw of the light is 2 stops weaker or more by the time it measures against the paper. Even that still registered some detail in the camera so I just clipped the shadows portion of histogram in Photoshop.

Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Jet Babas
  • Styling: Model’s Own
  • Production Design: Raffy Tesoro
  • Model: Rebecca Boggiano

2 thoughts on “Model Portfolio: Rebecca

  1. What time of day do you usually do your shoot? (in terms of getting most out of natural light)

    1. That depends on the situation of the shoot, and its intent. When shooting completely outdoors, it’s advisable to shoot between 7AM-930AM (some suggest until 10AM, but sun is too high by then)… and then 230PM until about 5PM or when sunset passes golden hour. Noon time is when light is too harsh, and it’s not advisable. Then again, creative direction can go against this practice if you are aiming for harsh and strong lighting. But then if I’m shooting indoors, light gets to bounce around so time of day doesn’t really matter.

      So two factors you have to consider first, creative direction and location. Their permutations more or less would tell you either all day or the suggested times.

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