Model Portfolio: Jinri

And so our favorite Korean is back in front of the camera once more. We lightly touched on a sexy geek concept for this one using retro video game props and mashing Trekkie underwear with R2D2. Sounds like geek blasphemy? I know. I don’t care. Hehehe. If you’re keen enough, you’d also notice a homage on classic anime. Particularly ones that became popular in the 70s. As for the latter sets, we reverted to something more classic and finished it off with a sexy twist on the 70s Stepford Wives look.

All done with natural light and a pair of reflectors. When you have this much light coming into a house, strobes aren’t really necessary unless that’s the look you’re aiming for of course.

I took to a more retro look for post production (hence the grain).

Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Ara Fernando
  • Hair: Tony Revelar Santos
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Jinri Park

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