The Jinri Experience 3: Ruin Your Childhood (Behind the Scenes)

Since the cat is out of the bag, here are some never-been-published behind-the-scenes that went on in the production of the latest book. We had so much footage and images from the shoots, I had a hard time finalizing what went into the book. If you’re the keen fan, some of the layouts you see here ended up in the cutting room “floor”. But don’t fret, those shots would soon see the light of day in other Jinri stuff we have planned towards this end of the year.. you know like the traditional Jinri Calendar?

Quite amazing how we kept the same team, and even got new members over the course of three (3) books. By this time, our movements were like clockwork and we hardly had to feel for each others timings. Ara already knows when she should wrap up make-up, and feels when I’m about to enter the make-up room just check up on stuff. Jinri of course has become the natural in these, imbibing the gravure camera rapport.

We mainly shot around a beach resort in Batangas, and chose the middle of the week to make sure there were less people around to avoid. Good thing the resort was nice enough to let us go around and shoot as we pleased. Gravure shoots usually take two (2) days of straight shooting, so you could guess how exhausted we must have been after this. It was all fun though despite the work, and this group really felt like a family already.

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