Art Fair 2017

2nd time in row, the wifey and I managed to get into the Art Fair. The lines outside the Link would’ve been an immediate turn-off, but upon settling in, you’d notice people were moving quite fast. I would have to commend the security for keeping the flow of people quite fast coming into the exhibit floors. Speaking of space, it has taken up more than the usual 5th to 7th floors with the roof deck as its latest addition. Good thing sunny weather prevailed for that weekend.

Noticeably there were more installation art than the traditional hung on the wall kind. Though if you’re an avid art collector, it might be a challenge to buy that installation art and display it at home, unless you own a gallery yourself. Personally, I find experience pieces are made for the sake of the exhibit, not really meant to be bought (and taken home).

I also can’t help but notice several sections being sponsored by particular brands. Not that I mind though. It’s good to have some brands getting themselves involved in the art scene.

Mental Note: should be interesting in joining the art fair for next year and getting some cosplay prints up. 

This display piqued my curiosity… Ordinary but not.

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