Model Porfolio: Pashence (Bikini Team TV 3/6)

We know summer is just around the corner, so here’s another helping of those awesome babes from Bikini Team TV.

Pashence is just a natural in front of the camera, so I didn’t really have a problem working with her. We actually finished our entire sets in just a matter of hours. It was great her make-up was also water proof, so we were able to do pool and shower shots without risk of having it run.

There you have it folks! Enjoy this set with Pashence. (Pun intended).

Of course, before this ends. Bikini Team TV is coming back this April. We would be shooting in Batangas for almost entire week! Excited to have Pashence in front of the camera again. So if you’re a US-based model interested in joining the tour, check out this page.

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