Model Portfolio: Maica

It’s been awhile since we had Maica anew coming off from her gravure book, Endless Summer. So this session was done a day shy off her birthday. ┬áJust a nice easy time at the studio as well as the surrounding area.. a.k.a. #banyohits. The men’s room in Penthouse studios always has nice diffused light coming into for most of the day. It became a staple stopover for most of us doing portfolio shoots regularly there. No matter how many times we’ve shot in that spot, it never gets old. Besides each model brings a different look and feel for that same spot so no two images are the same.


Image Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Sassa Carlos
  • Styling: Angeli Hular
  • Shoot Production: Carlo Ocampo
  • Model: Maica Palo

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