Asia Pop Comic Con 2017

Here’s my photo dump of APCC 2017. I know it’s a late entry, but better late than never right?

One thing that impressed me this year was the NetFlix booth. I so wanted to get in, but the line was killer. Though I know the set of Stranger Things was worth sitting in. Hahaha.

Of course, knowing how cons go, you have to choose your own battles. Prioritize what you want to happen. As for me, I always go to cons to meet up with the creators of my favorite franchises. So seeing Shoji Kawamori (the creator of Macross) more than made my day, despite having to line up for 2 hours. It was so cool he was game enough to sign my personal copy of Geekology. I also gave him a copy just because he’s Shoji. I think he was pleasantly surprised to receive something from a fan instead of having to sign on something for a change. Hehehe.

The rest of APCC was more or less standard fare, but there was a significant lack of notable exhibits and attractions asides from the Netflix booth. How I missed that huge-ass Ironman Hulkbuster from the 1st year. Things like that. As usual, I felt a bit disappointed at how the panels were conducted. The workshops and panels had to share space with the media room, which gave the impression that they didn’t care so much about the talks.

As for the rest of APCC, you check check out the gallery.

[supsystic-gallery id=29 position=center]

Exciting times ahead for the pop culture scene. Can’t wait what happens next year.

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