Tokyo Game Show

So yeah, the following week I find myself in Japan again. This time it’s for the Tokyo Game Show. It was one of those “research” trips I had to do for my creative consultancy job. And what a research trip this turned to be. Though I’m not a newbie in the cons circuit, this is my first TGS. And boy this event certainly didn’t disappoint.

Now this is something you don’t see in local conventions: and organized way of shooting cosplayers. Somehow the Japanese follow a collective courtesy when it comes to asking cosplayers for a shot. TGS placed a good portion of cosplayers in the adjacent parking lot, but in effect the slots made it easy for them to take up a spot at the end of the parking curb, and use the lines as guide for photographers to line up.

As for the open areas, photographers don’t get to circle around a particular model either. There’s natural line that forms the moment one person asks for a photo.

This Sephiroth cosplay is on point. He just needs the Masamune.

The line to this booth in insane. As much as I wanted grab my hands on one.. it’s physically impossible without wasting a few hours of your time in line — no matter how organized this place is.

VR is such a big thing this year. One hall was dedicated to VR game and experiences.

Because I just had to ask a picture from random group cosplaying Japanese.

If I could only take the floating moogle home.

Mandatory image near the signage. Good thing were lots of nice people to ask pictures from. Cheezu!

After walking 11 halls of this place, my feet were killing me! But I can’t wait to go back next year!

For the rest of the images (and photo dump), you can check this out.

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If you guys can stand my ramblings… here’s a hodge-podged clip of my adventure here as well!

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