Shoots like these, I’ve shot for quite some time ago, so the timeliness of content coming out of my site is not really that accurate, especially for test shoots. But as I write this article, Manila is currently under lockdown. How it gets implemented is still up for debate.

Dinny has always been a fan of Pikachu, so getting her to do this kind of Pikachu-themed glamour shoot was quite easy. Hehehe. I sought out the Pikachu onesie from SDCC 2019, and brought it home with me just for this shoot.

But then one wardrobe set isn’t enough to make a shoot right? So the OC in me had to make it into a trifecta. Hence we had to comp up several inspired sets to make the shoot more complete.

Was toying more on the one light setup since it’s really more of a personality kind of shoot rather than effects of the sake of effects.

You can check out Dinny’s Patreon page for the entire set of images.

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