I did this shoot specifically for a Canon masterclass where I featured my trusty EOS R, and how it’s neat eye-tracking feature makes shoots easier for me to do.

Shoots is like driving. You have to mind alot of factors from your camera, model and lights while trying to achieve that winning shot. Seems difficult? At times yes whenever there much coming from agency, clients, and celebrities. When Canon introduced the face and eye tracking feature in the EOS R, it felt like Godsend.

Focus is “one of those” factors in the multitude of settings do mind, but if you screw this one up, it can cost you the entire shoot. In the middle of the action, you tend neglect some settings, and maintaining focus can be one of them. The eye-tracking feature comes quite nifty at these times. I can assured that every shot is focus, letting me think of other things in the shoot. I was able to direct Kim better with the look and feel of the shots I wanted.

When you trust your gear, your creativity can fly.

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