Dinny (Kairi)

This was a result of a happy accident working with ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) presets. It also involves having uniquely complimentary colors present in your image. When bumped up or altered right, the results are quite interesting. Which led me to research a bit more of color grading. I know a good number of images rely on replicating faithful colors, but such is quite a balancing act to achieve. Personally, faithful color replication is relative to the devices you are viewing the image from.

Given the audience our images reach, there’s no solid consensus as to how our images is averagely seen.

Here’s a confession: I actually use Bridge rather than Lightroom. I honestly want to use Lightroom, but for some reason my system just bogs down with it. The catalog files are quite unwieldy for me. I would try again in the latest version of Lightroom though.

Other sources you can check out for color theory:

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